Monday, February 14, 2011


Tumblr, for you. You'll know.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

for you ♥

Well, you left. Didn't make it to KL to send you off, I'm sorry. Thanks for texting me and bringing my things along with you to Aussieland. I'm started missing you already yknow. Thanks for saying goodbye to me and am sorry that I didn't really reply, as it cannot be sent out anymore. Sorry I can't accept the fact that you're leaving. A very big thank you to you for sending me goodnight text every night before you sleep. I'm sorry that I never really did once reply you. Didn't know yesterday's was the last goodnight text from you. I'm sorry I still did not reply you. I'm regret. I'm sorry I wished you nothing when I knew that you're leaving for Aussie. Not even a goodluck. I'm real sorry. I feel bad. Never really have someone that is super close to me who's leaving me, and you're the first. Goodluck, my dearest ky. I'll wait for you and, I'll see you soon then. imy ♥

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear ky.

No matter how many years go by,
I know one thing to be as true as ever was -
I'll see you soon then.

Monday, January 31, 2011


Chinese New Year is just around the corner, nothing much difference. The most obvious one will be not going to stay at home but visiting relatives' houses. Gosh, I hate this. Though I can finish up all the chinese cookies and snacks. I'm always so glutton.

Dropped by at clinic and got my blood test report. As I predicted, it's not a good result and I know I am gonna suffer more from today onwards. Just be strong. Injections and blood drawings have been very common to me, it's part of my monthly routine. Too bad, I still can't get myself be scared of these two things. I love needles. Okayyyyy, I sound scary. Pray harder than before, hoping myself can get rid of those pills and be the healthiest person in the world. No more flu, no more migrane and no more cramps please. I know I'm all alone now, so I gotta be the strongest girl.

Well, university stuff has never been nice to me. Heard a bad news from mum yesterday. This is just, awesome. I went totally speechless. Stunned and did not want to make any explanation after hearing her words. Anyway, I'm not going to give up so easily. I wanna fight for what I deserve to have. Sigh, money matters the most, again. Can't wait to travel alone, this got me so excited.

Malaysia has been raining for 3 days, and it's non-stop. Weather has been super cold and according to my weather gadget in my lappy, it's around 23 degree celcius. It is even colder when it rains heavily. Gosh, this worsen my cramps. Rainy days stop me from going out and I feel like I'm grounded. But it's good, won't need to spend money. Staying in my bed and doing nothing is the most wonderful thing and can always make my day. Read PS I Love You for the nth time. Have this sudden urge to read tonnes of books and so I got myself to bookstore but went home empty-handed. Wanted to buy Nicholas Sparks's books but I bought none. Stucked at home and so I watched "The Notebook" online.

"The Notebook" is just, awesome! It begins with an old man, reading out of a notebook to an old lady about the love story between two young lovers, Noah and Allie. He acts as the narrator in this movie. Surprisingly, when the old man started to tell story to the old woman, I already knew how the story gonna be like and end like. I somehow made a wild prediction and guess what, it all comes out in the movie. I'm just so awesome, HAHA. The old man pretend he doesn't know the old lady as she losses her memory. In the end, Allie realized that she and Noah, the old man are the people in the book. I'm so touched by the eternal love given to Allie by Noah and how his love moves her. They dance and then she relapses. She has to get a shot from the nurse as she believes that Noah is an intruder and Noah gets upset. When he goes to sleep, he looks at the books and we find out that Allie herself wrote the book and told him to "Read this to me, and I'll come back to you" every time. The next morning the nurse finds Noah in a critical condition, and he is saved from his heart attack and finds Allie. She is able to remember Noah and asks him whether their love is strong enough to make miracles and take them away together. Noah says that their love can do whatever they want it to do, and in the morning, they are both found dead, sleeping peacefully while holding hands. Isn't the ending awesome. Obviously, it makes me weepy and a bit of nostalgic when I'm trying to think back about us. How things couldn't be worked out and how relationship destroyed a friendship. I can't wait to read this book and I'm so gonna get all Nicholas Sparks's books asap.

The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that's what you've given me. That's what I'd hoped to give you forever. - The Notebook

Friday, January 28, 2011


Hey 我很想你 你要好好照顾自己 你知道我最担心你了 Dwaeji Tokki (:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

unbearable pain.

Doc warned and said it's going to be more painful than what I usually feel these few days. Oh great, there it started. The right side of my body is almost paralyze. Yea, I'm feeling weak now and I hate it. Never knew that the effect can be so strong and painful. Did not even feel a thing during injection and blood drawing. And now? My right hand and right leg are in real pain. Can I cry. This is really unbearable and its driving me real mad. *Hypnotizing myself, it's not pain at all.

Anonymous, you're welcomed to write your name next time. Thanks for the comment!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Don't you just hate the first day of your period. I can always and forever suffer with the freakin' period pain. And never can get anything done. I don't scold people but I can be super weird and quiet on the first day. I hate this pain which never allow me to sleep soundly, even when I'm mad tired. Pink panadols have never worked but still for the sake of trying, I swallow the pills down. Injection sucks more. Had an injection due to the unbearable period pain and I've got my thigh numb and pain all the times, until now. I remember having it on Sep 10. Now it's already Jan 11. And the numbness has never really stopped. Blahh this is really driving me crazy. Everything is out of my control, my studies my love and everything. Oh gosh, can I have a place to vent my frustrations.

Whatever. I ain't not going to take the initiative anymore. It's all up to you now. I'm sick of these craps.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I live my way.

I've got so many things to tell you.
But I wonder, when will you have the time to listen to me ..
I told before and you don't seem to give a fcuking damn.
I said and you keep on lalalalaing as replies.
There are so many things that I don't know about you,
and you don't know about me.
Anyone except you seems to understand me more than you do.
Is this the way of being there for me, as you promised?
Is this the way of listening to me, as you asked?
If this is so, I'd say very awesome.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Stop fucking around.

Here's to all the guys out there who likes to fuck around;

There is a chemical in a girls’ brain that released only at two different times in her life, when she has sex, and when she breast feeds her baby. This chemical emotionally connects her to another person for the rest of her life. Us guys? We only release this chemical when we bond with our children. So if you think sex is a game and go around fucking as many girls as you want, remember that you will mentally mess this girl for the rest of her life. If you’re still friends afterwards then whatever, but she will always have the same feeling toward you because of this chemical. Just a little bit of science.

Sources: Evelyn's blogspot AND Tumblr

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Aren't the nails looking awesome? Bunny! (:

Friday, January 14, 2011


Juat realised that I've blog about so many important people in my life, and yet I forgot the most important and true friends I have. I apologize for being so forgetful. And who are they? No doubt, my lovely and forever pretty princesses.

Most of us first met each other on the first day of secondary life. Got so reluctant to enter a school where most of them speak fluent english. Well, the first friend I made was not any one of them. But maybe it's fate, we became friends. Not only just friends, but the bestest kind of friends. We used to be a real big gang but due to some immature problems, people come and go. But I do believe that those who stayed are the truest. From a gang of 10 plus people, and now it left with 7 of us. Did not know who got the weird idea of inventing name for our gang of 7. We call ourselves princesses, yea it might sounds disgusting but so what.  What more important is that we did not mind of calling ourselves that, even though most of us felt disgusted before. Got our princess position by according our D.o.B.

Tee Hui Mien,
The first and eldest princess among us. Got herself the special moon hairstyle in form1. Did not even has her number when we were in form1. Sounds very not close right, but I've no idea why, I just feel comfortable having her around me. She used to be quiet and fought with Baayiwei in form1. She hates petty and small-minded people, HAHA. A foon yew 1 girl with smart brain and she is the funniest among us. She doesn't like to talk to strangers but I'm glad she talks so much to me now. She can never failed to make any one of us laugh. She loves playing game, I mean those super complicated and extremely hard games. She can always score well in the exam even though she always failed to study all the syllabus. How I wish I can have just half of her brain. All the best to you and Manie in NZ. I Love You~! Jiayous :)

Leo Kitt Huii,
The one and only BANANA in our gang. Used to speak english with the rest Bananas but now she speaks mandarin to them. The one wearing frameless-pink-lens spectacles in form 1. The one wearing zips-zips shirt and the first to take neoprint with me and Huihui. Those were good memories but the photos are just, speechless. The way she eats can always 'amazes' people, even a stranger. If you can accept the way she looks when she eats, you're qualified to be one of her admirers HAHA. The one that can always make me burst into tears just by saying, Don't cry wanqing. Why? Hmm I've no idea. Maybe is the warmth and the cares I feel from her words and her face. No worries, I'm so much stronger now. She loves pink, madly in love with pink I'd say. The same thing, all the best to you in NZ. I Love You jiejie honey manie! :)

Lim Pey Yi,
We sat the same bus and got ourselves late on the first day of secondary life, how funny. Reached school at around 2pm where the class supposed to start at 1pm. She's tall and super skinny. We took public bus back home together during f4 and f5. The only victim that got Baa's saliva+mucus all over her pinafore HAHAHA. She is cool and the way she 'sut' people can be real funny. Especially when she's picking on Tan or Huihui. She is one day younger than Jiejie. The one who owns a Pang's box in her house. Always stayover at her house with Baa during f3-5. We even countdown at home together. Those were the times. Ohya, she is the only one that I can actually give her presents and cards right on her birthday. How awesome. Anyway, jiayous while studying in SIM. I Love You BFF! :)

Tan Ee Lin,
She looked super cute and fair and thin when she was in form1. Now? I would say, sui yue bu rao ren. Hahaha, she gained weight and got a lil bit feng cheng wei. Anyway, she did not come to school on the first day if I'm not mistaken. She has the most love experiences among us, even more than me. Can imagine how experienced she is right. Got herself bfs and got hurt at the same time. Have always been so silly when she faces love. The only one who loves to use bad words when something is getting on her nerve. She shares the same birthday as Baa's mummy. Loves to spend tonnes of money on useless stuffs. Please la, stop clubbing and better concentrate on your studies. We're so not going to do nothing if you go to club again. Please, stop wasting your time and money. You know we love you, please don't disappoint us. Anyway, stay chubby and winnie-the-pooh-licious. Study hard and stop fooling around alright. This might sounds rude but I know you know what I'm trying to say. I Love You! :)

Low Sin Hui,
I love saying I hate her, but she knows I love her a lot. Another smart girl and almost has the same level of cleverness with Mien. My ex-dear and I actually forgot why she became the Ex. She can be real stressful and change to another person when it comes to exam. Forever complain about how bad she did but always ended up getting A. She is the most glutton person I've ever met and seen. She doesn't like to eat her own food but others'. She can finish half of others' food in just a short time with her super huge mouth. Got herself braces and look so much prettier now. Gained weight after staying at KL. See lar, serves you right HAHA. She pushed me outta her house and I will never forget this. Hmph! Remember, dentist has the highest suicide rate among all the professions. Take care when you go India, I will miss you a bit. Not as much as Mien will do. Don't be too stress out, we have faith in you. Jiayous and all the best, I Love You! :)

Baa Yi Wei,
My forever BFF! She is the most awesome person I've ever met. Been very close to her since we become good friends. I still remember the way she cried when I told her she's pretty. How adorable right. Despite the big nostrils of hers, she is the prettiest girl I've ever seen. I mean it. She shares her things with me and I share mine with her. She can always support me in everything I do. She knows me best, a bit more than tky does. She can read my mind. The telepathy between us can always shock and disgust us. I mean, in a good way. I love staying over at her place and leaves my poopoo there. But hers are always more smelly. She loves to fart. It's great to know that I'm getting along well with her family and so does she, to my family. She always know the right thing to say when I'm down. And she actually realize it whenever I'm having crush on someone. For example, this year's. Two of us can always laugh our asses off at something that is not funny. I mean, laugh for minutes or even hours. I'm so gonna miss her when I go for studies. Jiayous sweetie pie! All the best for your Alevels, I Love You the most! :)

WAITTT, LAST BUT NOT LEAST. The prettiest princess, and that's ME! Yes, i am a narcissist!

I bet all of us actually worried about our friendship when we graduated from convent. Different schools, different place and different friends met are not the barriers to stop our friendship. These girls are just the awesome-est of the awesomes. And one best thing about our gang is, none of us are really pro in doing make up. Some of them will but never those super thick make ups. We're just not the girlish type of girls. We don't like wearing laceeey dresses, I mean most of them. We always prefer a tee with shorts and sandals! We never really discussed about what dress to buy, but what slippers and sandals to buy. HAHAHA. We are always so true to each other. Lies? Yes, white lies. We never talked bad about each other behind, because we always do it in front of their faces. And none of us will really get mad at the person that accuses us. I guess thats why we can remain so close and true. I appreciate their existance in my life. I'm so gonna miss them after Feb. Thank you girl, I love you all real much! (:

Saturday, January 8, 2011


What are nocturnal leg cramps?
These cramps are sudden, involuntary contractions of the calf muscles that occur during the night or while at rest. Occasionally, muscles in the soles of the feet also become cramped. The sensation can last a few seconds or up to 10 minutes, but the soreness may linger. The cramps can affect persons in any age-group, but they tend to occur in middle-aged and older populations.

What can I do to prevent these cramps?
To stave off future episodes of nocturnal leg cramps, consider the following tips:
*Drink six to eight glasses of water daily. Doing so will help prevent dehydration, which may play a role in the cramping.
*Stretch calves regularly throughout the day and at night.
*Ride a stationary bicycle for a few minutes before bedtime. This activity can help prevent cramps from developing during the night, especially if you do not get a lot of exercise during the day.
*Keep blankets loose at the foot of the bed to prevent your toes and feet from pointing downward while you sleep.
*Do aquatic exercises regularly during the week to help stretch and condition your muscles.
*Wear proper foot gear.

Nocturnal muscle cramps can often be prevented by doing leg-stretching exercises, such as the one outlined below.
1. Stand 30 inches from the wall.
2. While keeping your heels on the floor, lean forward, put your hands on the wall, and slowly move your hands up the wall as far as you can reach comfortably.
3. Hold the stretched position for 30 seconds. Release.
4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 two more times.
5. For best results, practice this exercise in the morning, before your evening meal, and before going to bed each night.

Heard that this sickness is always suffered by the people at the middle-ages. So, am I growing too old or what. I just want a night without the needs to wear socks. :/ Thank you for your help and concerns anyway. You're always the first to know things of mine. You know who you are.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

what do i like?

Tell me which one to click on, please. Anyone?

Monday, January 3, 2011


Just some guidance and encouragement from anyone, out there? No more santa claus for me to make wishes to. Dear Fairy Godmother, I sincerely need and request for your helping hand to guide me through all these. Had some bad days and I am so lost right now. No, definitely I am not emo. Just kinda depressed and stressed out. Will I able to make the right choice if I pray harder? I just need a hint, a hint that could most probably change my life. Please. Grant me someone to put my trust and faith on. Anyone, help? :(

Sunday, January 2, 2011


So, it's a brand new year. 2011, year of Rabbit. (Y) A new year, not only for me, but for everyone and also everything. Well, come to think of it, I remembered I used to get everything done before last year's Christmas. I mean, the enrollment of college. Now, ending of college indicates the beginning of my U life. Gosh, I couldn't accept how old I am now and one more year later, I'm gonna be 20s. Awesome right. I don't even feel like I'm 18 now. Apparently, I'm still as childish as I used to. Anyway, I'm still undecide about my U life, my course and where to study. Urgently seek for a guidance counselor to guide me.

Most of my Ausmat friends had decide where to pursue and further their studies. I wish I could too. I should have planned it long time ago right. Sigh. I am 19 this year. I can't even decide thing for my future. Argh failure. Did not satisfy parents with my results, Nahh it's okay I tried my best. Bothered them with my health problems, Nahh it's okay I did not want that either. Hurt them because of my weak characteristics, Nahh it's okay they've always been there. Failure isn't it.

Been through ups and downs last year. Life is all about falling down and getting up again right. But over frequent of falling down leads no success. I can vividly remember the first day I went to college, I sticked to my convent friends. I hate the game played during orientation. I hate talking to strangers. I hate crowd. But I kinda miss it now. Met Mr.Alan for the very first time during registration and then in classroom 101. I still remember he asked, any question? and I raised up my hand and said, may I go to toilet sir? Kinda funny isn't it. Then, got to know friends from every corner. But ironically, all in the state of Johor. Tonnes of assignments had really did kill us, but we never really did give up. We're just, awesome right. Used to complain about how hard and complicated the assignments given are, but in the end, all can actually completed them. Did not know I can get to know this person, the most awesome amongst the awesome-s. Been through heartbreak moments, the fall-down. Yes, having phobia now. Kinda afraid of commitments and relationships now. Even friendships suck sometimes. People with minor split personalities, scared me. And just in a blink of eye, 10 months passed. Time passed super duper slow while we were rushing for assignments but flies when we just started to enjoy the course. Apparently, I am glad. Glad that I've been through all these in such a short period. Glad that I made good friends and met a good boy.

Life is unpredictable. And currently I don't know where will I be next day, next month or next year. Hopefully I can make a good choice and have no regrets in my future. Let go the past, look forward to the future. Fighting!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Nice to meet you, 2011.

So gonna stay at home in this New Year Eve. Countdown in my dreamland with my toys. It's a peaceful and leisure life I lead. Goodluck to myself in the coming year. I'm still gonna be the ME and am not changed yet. I'll be fine, I'll recover from all these real soon. Will try my best to be the healthiest people in the world. No more sickness and no more being emotional. Stay strong and fight through all these, yes I will. Gonna smile through the whole past 2010 and welcome the new 2011 with a big warm hug and a great laughter, without leaving the memories behind. New year wish, PEACE. For everyone, every family, every relationship, every problem and every thing. Byebye 2010. Hello 2011! (:

Thursday, December 30, 2010

We're typical tourists.

Singapore trip on 28th of December 2010 was awesome. Came out from house quite late and that delayed the time. Reached Sg at around 2.30pm and started our journey there. Went to Sentosa Siloso beach, Underwater world, and places around Universal Studio. Then, had a great walk at Orchard just to enjoy the decors. Those were really awesome, especially the lights, very attractive and beautiful. Took lots of pictures of myself, him, us, the lights and the fishes. Got ourselves back to house at around 2am. It was indeed a happy yet tiring trip. Very enjoyable and memorable I'd say. Great time spending with you, thank you! Pictures are available in my Facebook album, just a click on the title and it will leads you there. (: The next day, went CS and watched a movie called "Little Fockers". Yea, tonnes of bad words uttered from the actors' mouths. I felt disgusted. Had lunch and dinner together, for the very last time I guess. Then, time to say goodbye. :(

Been smiling and laughing a lot these few days. Feeling extremely happy and excited these few days. Why? I think it's because I went to Singapore and never get myself lost at there. And I went to beach. Aww, I love beaches. But the only true reason is, you made me smile. Thank you!

Well, thanks for the baby plant! I love it.
Will definitely take good care of it and help him to cut his hair.
I'm a great mummy. Thank you.

I rock, I rule.

Two more days to year 2011. Byebye college life and say a BIG hello to my Uni life. Ew, I hate it. Hate the first day of school, can always get so awkward and feeling disgusted. But anyway, I guess I'm still gonna miss it once I finished my studies. I hope I'm right. By the way, I am not so gonna tell anyone about my plan. Sometimes it's just good to be alone, without anyone by your side. I enjoy every single moment of it. So yea, don't try to find out where am I going and what will I be doing. 'Cause you know, I'll always keep my mouth shut about it. Well, maybe I should let Baabaa know.

Well, got myself informed that WACE result is releasing today. To be exact, 30th of December year 2010. But what's strange is that we can actually check our result yesterday, which is 29th of December. So yea, I did not feeling nervous but temperature of my body's been dropping and I was feeling extremely cold. I got myself login to the TISC website and checked the result. Saw figures and grades in the Statement of Results but yea, the marks are at the average of 60-79. The first heart attack I'd say as I did not know that I was asked to check for ATAR, but not the mark. So yea, I checked again in the PDF file in TISC website. Finally saw the ATAR and yea, higher than what I expected but mummy wonder why didn't I get 90 and above. Well, did get a little bit disappointed when I heard those words. But never mind, I did try my best and I'm glad that Ms How and Ms Shereen are happy for us. Grats to those who get high ATAR, you know who you are.

Results out. It's time to decide where to further my studies. Gosh, I hate this men. I enjoy procrastinating a lot. U life, I would have to take the right path. But I've no idea what course I'm interested in. I do not even know what I like. I know I'll have to make a decision soon, but definitely it would not be now. I hate being rushed. I wanna make the right and the wisest decision, with no regrets in the future. Who will be there, lending me your helping hard to guide me for my decision? I'm so lost when people utters things about this. What to do. I always hate the beginning but love the ending. So just pray and hope that I will be able to love both this time. At least for my college life, Yes I do love both. So god, make my U life an awesome one please.

I don't know if this Nov and Dec are counted as holidays for me or not. If it's so, I would say that I enjoyed it quite well. With my family, sec friends, Ausmat friends and some special friends too. Steamboat with Ausmatians after completion ceremony. Sunway Student Ambassadors' Appreciation Night at Grand Straits Garden. Ausmat trip to Malacca. Family trip to Malacca, again. Gathering and stayover with my beloved 7-Princess. Worked for Sunway Open Days. Indeed, every outing and gathering was awesome.

Thought it would be the last outing for Ausmatians, but until now it has not end yet. How awesome. Ausmat trip to Malacca was fun but tiring. Great time spent with the girls while playing Heart Attack, the boys while playing Buggy, all while playing at the Waterpark and someone during night. Family trip to the same place, it sounds funny but luckily we went to some other places. The real food trip and enjoyed many scrumptious meals. Extremely appetizing food forced me to gain some weights. Aww.  Meeting up with my girlfriends was the happiest among all I guess. Spending time with them brought back lots of memories of us. The fun we had, the jokes we laughed at, the time we spent together. It's all fate that brings us all together, and makes us the bestest friends. First time working for Sunway Open Days. Realized that I did not even come for Open Day last year before enquiring for Ausmat. But luckily, the visitors are all very friendly and the daddys were all humorous. I miss my father-in-law Haha. Well, I guess that's all for the outings with my loving and awesome friends. You guys are awesome, thanks for the memories. Goodluck peeps!

The first promise to myself in this coming new year, never lose the faith in myself.
By holding on to the things I love, the things I am, and the things I'd never want to lose.
I'm awesome, and that goes the same to all of you. (:

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Friends ♥

Extracted from @Michelle Tai's notes

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas people!

Well, what do I want for this Christmas?
~ No more breathing difficulties and foot cramps.
~ Good WACE result.
~ Peaceful family life.

Never want to be greedy for anything. So I guess I wouldn't want to ask for more, especially things about relationships. So, just let nature takes its course. Treasure what I have is the best thing I can do for myself, at least for this current moment. So, be grateful and appreciative. Have a nice day people. Peace (Y)

With loves and hugs. xoxo